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Taste of the Summit

Taste of the Summit videos provide an opportunity for you to share Summit messages with your entire church, organization and core leadership to raise the value of ongoing leadership development.

Bill Hybels – The Intangibles of Leadership

Are you aware of the leadership skills that differentiate many of the most influential leaders from others? At the 2015 Global Leadership Summit, Bill Hybels discussed The Intangibles of Leadership the subtle, more advanced traits of leadership that allow leaders to achieve more than what they ever thought possible.


Long Video 8.14GB, 1:08:19 min
Short Video 719MB, 6:06 min

Horst Schultze – Creating World Class Service

If you have ever been on the receiving side of excellent customer service, you know how it communicates value and contributes to customer loyalty. How might focusing on excellence in customer service move your church or organization in a new direction?


Long Video 4.42GB, 37:07 min
Short Video 341MB, 2:55 min

Sheila Heen – Thanks for the Feedback

Stemming from the observation that feedback conversations ranked toward the top of difficult conversations within organizations, Sheila Heen co-author of Thanks for the Feedback, set out to bring clarity and increase the success of feedback interactions.


Long Video 4.47GB, 37:26 min
Short Video 782MB, 6:37 min

Craig Groeschel – Expanding Your Leadership Capacity

At the 2015 Global Leadership Summit Craig Groeschel, senior pastor of LifeChurch.tv, challenged leaders to do the work it takes to expand their leadership capacity in order to prevent them from becoming the leadership lid in their organizations.


Long Video 4068GB, 39:15 min
Short Video 471MB, 4:01 min
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