Weekend Seeker Service Elements - March 7, 2009

Only God: Part 1, Only God Can Soften a Heart of Stone
Series Description: How many times have you seen change in your church or in an individual, and hopefully (and especially) even in yourself, that you've been able to attribute to 'Only God'? God is able to do amazing works within the heart of man, bringing about change that is possible solely through his transforming power. It was so in the biblical stories around which this series is built and it is true today. Anyone truly serious about wanting to reflect the heart of Jesus has got to be open and obedient to the messages of life change that God--only God--imparts both through his Word and through the promptings of the Holy Spirit. God can soften hearts of stone, penetrate prejudiced hearts, grow human hearts, free captive hearts, and lead submitted hearts.

Service Description: Using the story of Saul's Damascus Road experience and his eventual conversion, seekers through Christ-centered on the spiritual continuum are encouraged to solidify their connection to God through diligent and thoughtful reading of the Bible. Saul was certainly on the list of 'least likely to become a Christian,' but as this series emphasizes: Only God. And just as God used Ananias in Paul's transformational journey, so he wants Christ-followers today to respond to his promptings, not only to take steps to move along in their personal walk with him, but to seek the open doors where they can bring the message of salvation to those whose hearts are ready.

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Spiritual Direction On Side Screens  
Song Let It Rise
by Holland Davis
1997 Maranatha! Music
Song For the Beauty of the Earth
Folliot S. Pierpoint
Prayer Prayer Experience  
Song Down To The River To Pray
woven throughout Prayer Experience
By Lloyd Larson
2005 Lorenz Publishing Company
Song Changed    other services
By Aaron Niequist
2003 AARONieq Music
Offering & Announcements    
Message Bill Hybels    other services  

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