Midweek Believer Service Elements - June 27, 2002

Covered in the Dust of the Rabbi
Service Description:

Rob Bell, Teaching Pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, Michigan, takes us deep into the first century world of Jesus and helps us reflect on what it means for us as we follow Jesus.

Jews in Jesus' day knew that the Hebrew Scriptures was the ultimate expression of a loving God who loves His children so much that He teaches them how to live. Therefore, central to the life of the Jewish community was educating children in the text of the Scriptures. It was essential to place the words of God into the minds of children so that faith would continue throughout generations. Young Jews, beginning at the age of six, began their education and were taught in a very tactile taste sense that the words of God are linked with the most pleasurable, sweet thing they could possibly imagine. With this mind-set, they were passionate in their learning, which involved memorizing and understanding the Scriptures.

The ultimate and highest honor and achievement in their educational system was to become a rabbi. The role of a rabbi was the most respected, prestigious role in the community. Jesus went through this educational system as a young Jew and became a rabbi. His way of understanding the text and calling disciples was radical in His day. He called young disciples who were broken, abused, hurting, and rejected by others and used them to change the world. Jesus calls us, who are also broken, to follow Him today. He has given us the opportunity to change the world.

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