Midweek Believer Service Elements - June 25, 2003

Jesus and Domitian
Service Description: “Domitian was the first emperor to understand that behind the Christian movement there stood an enigmatic figure who threatened the glory of the emperors. He was the first to declare war on this figure …” Ethelbert Stauffer

Service Elements
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Element Type Service Element Video
Song Prelude: Good To Me    other services  
Song Brighter Day
By Kirk Franklin
© 2002 Kerrion Publishing, Admin. CCLI # 4380
Prayer Scripture / Prayer  
Song There is a Rock    other services
by Tommy Walker
© 2002 WeMobile Music / CCLI #4380, CCLI #1626511
Song That's Why We Praise Him    other services
by Tommy Walker
©1998 Doulos Publishing/BMI CCLI # 4380 / CCLI # 1626511
Prayer Prayer  
Song Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing    other services
Robert Robinson, w/ additional lyrics and music by Joe Horness
Public Domain
Song One Name    other services
By Helena McNeill
© Mudbrick Music 2001 / CCLI# 4380, CCLI# 1626511
Song He Loves Me    other services
by Tommy Walker
©1992 Doulos Publishing, CCLI #4380, CCLI #1626511
Video Baptism
Song You Are There    other services
By Annie Sander and Paul Langford
© 2003 Annie Sander and Paul Langford, CCLI #4380
Prayer Prayer  
Offering & Announcements Strategic Concerns  
Message Message: Rob Bell    other services  

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