Church-Wide Resources

When you want to move your people forward—all in the same direction—these church-wide campaigns are the perfect solution. Whether you want to focus on spiritual growth and transformation, relational evangelism, or a deeper understanding of the nature of God—you'll receive everything you need—from message transcripts, teaching DVDs, small group sessions, individual workbooks, promotional materials, and more.


  • Complete Kit

    Includes sample book, Participant's Guide, and DVD-ROM with Leader's Guide containing sermon outlines, promotional materials, four video-driven small group sessions, and much more.

  • Book

    A biblical, practical, and seasoned perspective on listening for God's voice in your day-to-day life and acting on what you hear. Every participant needs access to a copy.

  • Participant Guide

    The place where individual congregants and small group members chart their journey through the four-week experience. Every participant needs his or her own copy.

  • DVD

    This DVD-ROM with Leader's Guide contains all the tools you need to launch and lead the experience. It also includes the four video-driven small group sessions. Order one per small group.

  • Combo Pack

    The Power of a Whisper Combo Pack includes six books, 12 Participant Guides, and one DVD - Perfect for a small group or Sunday school setting.

Emotionally Healthy SpiritualityLEARN MORE, VIEW VIDEO, READ CHAPTER EXCERPT ►

  • Complete Kit

    A 9-week church-wide initiative to help your people biblically integrate their emotional health, a relationship with Christ, and spiritual practices.

  • Small Group Leader's Kit

    Everything you need to lead your small group or Sunday school class through the life-changing Emotionally Healthy Spirituality practices.

  • Small Group Participant's Kit

    For every small group member, this Kit includes one workbook and one Daily Office devotional.

  • Daily Office Devotional

    This individual resource provides eight weeks of daily devotional readings.

  • Softcover Book

    Groundbreaking work on the integration of emotional health and contemplative spirituality that current models of discipleship fail to address.

Just Walk Across the Room

  • Complete Kit

    Winner of Best Outreach Resource of the Year and 2007 Retailers Choice Awards.

  • Participant's Guide

    Inspire your people to love God and his will so passionately they will seek out those seeking him.

  • Small Group DVD

    Led by Bill Hybels, the DVD includes icebreakers, true stories, and time-tested illustrations to jump-start spirited discussions.

  • Softcover Book

    Inspire everyone in your congregation to share Christ's love—wherever they are, whoever they're with, and whatever they do.

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