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Limited Time Videos

For almost twenty years, Willow Creek Association has been gathering pioneering leaders to tackle their biggest challenges. Our events have served hundreds of thousands of leaders in every corner of the globe and sparked a worldwide movement of churches who are dedicated to one thing—building effective, transformative local churches.

If you are interested in joining this movement of pioneering leaders, declaring your belief in the local church as the hope of the world, then we’re excited to serve you with our newest member benefit –our On-Demand Video Library. Starting with over 20 hours of our best talks from our Global Leadership Summit archives, we’re continually adding new videos that you can use for your personal leadership development or with your team. As a member, you can share these videos with any member of your church by having them create a login.

Our members know that nothing compares to experiencing The Global Leadership Summit live with other pastors and teams in our region. Summit alumni will never forget phrases they heard or moments with God that they experienced at a Summit. For our newer members, we invite you to catch up on the conversation and leverage these tools to serve your team.

Each week as we add a video, we’ll post it here for a limited time. However, if you’d like to access these videos anytime, we invite you to join us.

On-Demand Videos Include

  1. The Upside of Tension – Andy Stanley (from The Global Leadership Summit 2010)
  2. The Leader’s State of Mind (“Holy Discontent”) – Bill Hybels (from The Leadership Summit 2005)
  3. Leadership is Stewardship – Rick Warren (from The Leadership Summit 2005)
  4. Seeing the Unseen – Mosa Sona (from The Leadership Summit 2005)
  5. The Price of Leadership – Eleanor Josaitis and Curtis Sliwa (from The Leadership Summit 2005)
  6. Life Cycle of a Leader – Bill Hybels (from The Leadership Summit 2006)
  7. Enemies of a Growing Church – James Meeks (from The Leadership Summit 2006)
  8. Tribal Warfare – Peg Neuhauser (from The Leadership Summit 2006)
  9. The Power of Clarity – Bill Hybels (from The Leadership Summit 2006)
  10. Vision to Die For – Bill Hybels (from The Leadership Summit 2007)
  11. The Heat of Responsibility – Floyd H. Flake (from The Leadership Summit 2007)
  12. Living for the Greater Good – Richard Curtis (from The Leadership Summit 2007)
  13. Building Humanity – Jimmy Carter (from The Leadership Summit 2007)
  14. Whatever You Do, Inspire Me! – Bill Hybels (from The Leadership Summit 2007)
  15. The High Drama of Decision Making – Bill Hybels (from The Leadership Summit 2007)
  16. Finding Your True North – Bill George (from The Leadership Summit 2008)
  17. Stand Up and Lead – Wendy Kopp (from The Leadership Summit 2008)
  18. Leading in New Cultural Realities – John Burke and Efrem Smith (from The Leadership Summit 2008)
  19. Defending the Faith – Chuck Colson (from The Leadership Summit 2008)
  20. An Uncompromising Focus on People – Brad Anderson (from The Leadership Summit 2008)
  21. Relentless – Bill Hybels (from The Leadership Summit 2008)
  22. Passing the Leadership Test – Bill Hybels (from The Leadership Summit 2003)