What Leaders Are Saying

The transformation intensive was very helpful for our ministry team to wrestle with clear, intentional pathways for spiritual formation in the different stages of spiritual growth within our church. The experience at the Transformation Intensive helped galvanize the unity of our ministry team of 7 as well as create an atmosphere of excitement, synergy and enthusiasm to develop the 4 key goals we identified as ministry priorities at our church. We anxiously look forward to meeting with our strategy teams throughout the summer to address our spiritual formation pathways that will be integrated into ethos/DNA of our church for the fall of 2011.

Bethel Church
Fargo, North Dakota

The Intensive was great! From pre-work to conclusion, it truly caused us to self- evaluate. We were able to really identify needed improvements in a safe environment.

Anderson Hills United Methodist
Cincinnati, Ohio

What the Intensive did for our team was more than educate us on new thoughts or ideas. It helped to align our leadership team around the goal of cultivating transformation in the lives of people in our community. This is something our community has been working toward specifically for some time, but the Intensive was a catalyst for our team to really grasp the importance of intentionality and clarity that we need to have as leaders in helping make disciples and leading them into deeper transformation in Christlikeness. Prior to our time at the Intensive, even though we have been journeying down the road of becoming a transformational community, the Intensive helped tremendously in giving clarity to what we are pursuing as a church. It helped us not only get on the same page in terms of our direction and purpose but helped us strategically process, plan , focus, and work toward implementing next steps.

Cornerstone Fellowship
Livermore, California

We are at a very exciting place as a church, and our congregation is going through a transformation process where we are beginning to think strategic in everything we are doing. We are excited about changing our organization's structure, staff culture, and most importantly continuing to "reaching out to the world around us and sharing the everlasting love of Jesus Christ." We have been totally blessed by reaching thousands, but challenged like so many churches with how to grow and move people into a deeper and committed relationship with Christ that can help lead the church in the 21st Century. The Intensive was great for unifying our team centered on spiritual transformation, and helped all of us on our team identify key areas to begin to work on. Thanks for the opportunity to be poured into, stretched, and lifted up to do this great work.

Lutheran Church of Hope
West Des Moines, Iowa

It brought our team closer together and gave us a clearer vision of what we need to be doing for our church members.

Atonement Lutheran Church
Fargo, North Dakota

The Intensive experience gave our team opportunity to breakaway from our church setting and to look back at it from various vantage points. It was a beautiful experience to hear from godly leaders and receive affirmation from God that we are on the pathway He has in mind for our church. One of those pathways is building into the lives of our staff helping them to experience God as part of the rhythm of their weekly ministry routines. Toward this end we will be working toward a monthly guided spiritual formation day. We believe that the fruit of time away will be seen in staff who live from a posture of spiritual strength!

Centre Street Church
Calgary, Canada

We came thinking we needed a point person to drive the transformation initiative in our church. We left realizing that everything we do is about spiritual transformation, and that every staff member has to be on board. We have lots of work to do to develop a comprehensive effective plan, but this conference gave us the vision and will do to it.

Bay Pointe Community Church
Traverse City, Michigan

Most of the team came tired and empty. To come together as a group and acknowledge the state of our soul health brought us closer together personally and opened up communication.

Memorial Park Presbyterian Church
Allison Park, Pennsylvania

The Transformation Intensive prompted our team to know one another at deeper levels. The trust and community that was formed then empowered us to strategize and dream which led to many new "aha" moments. We are thrilled to take back our learnings and plans to the rest of our team in order to take new ground for the kingdom.

Willow Creek McHenry
Crystal Lake, Illinois

The Transformation Intensive helped our church in several ways: 1) as a team, we learned a great deal about each other; 2) each of us left personally challenged to grow; 3) the creative conflict around our table has strengthened team trust; 4) we returned excited and humbled by the challenge to create a clear spiritual pathway for our church family and our community.

Bethel Church
Fargo, North Dakota

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