Progressive leaders are pioneers—on the edge trying to make a difference. And they have one thing in common…

They want to grow.
They will do the work necessary to get there.
…and they'll take their team with them!

To get there takes vision. Intention. The right tools. Strategy. It takes the Transformation Intensive.

The Transformation Intensive

What is it?

Part jet fuel leadership and part soul transformation, the Intensive takes you and your team through the process of creating a unique vision that aligns with the current culture, a focused strategy for transformation, and an action initiative plan to move your strategy forward.

Sample Schedule of Events

Recalibrate or Drift Off Course.

As pioneering leaders, you are committed to carrying out Christ's mandate to make disciples, but if your team lacks spiritual vitality, you're running on fumes. Even jet-fueled leaders need to make spiritual transformation a priority.

Face it. The work of God in you is what you legitimately have to offer your congregation. It can look different for every team, but the greatest spiritual impact—and the most significant growth—comes from spirit-attuned hearts and souls.

At the Transformation Intensive, spirit-directed leaders gather in a room to do the challenging—and mission critical—work of setting a culturally relevant strategy. Hear from key leaders on the topic of transformation and expect great things—wise, creative, God-breathed things that yield the greatest spiritual impact for your church…and for your team.

The Intensive is a year-long experience including a three-day event with select church leaders and their executive teams.

Your core team will:

  • Discover a framework where spiritual growth can happen
  • Work as a team to apply the framework to the needs and culture of your church
  • Strategize to build an integrated plan
  • Commit to implementing it together

You'll leave energized, galvanized, and eager to transform your ministry. Because we want to see authentic spiritual growth explode in your church—using a plan your team developed together—we're going to help you maintain the level of energy necessary to transform your church.

And it doesn't end when you leave! The Intensive Interactive includes an ongoing learning community that will arm you with a year of critical support.

You + Your Team + Tailor-Made Plan + Intensive Interactive + Power of God = Transformation Intensive

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