Session 5 - Getting to Yes: Negotiating Conflict

William L. Ury

Co-Founder and Senior Fellow,
Harvard University's Program on Negotiation

  • A negotiator and mediator, with 30 years practical experience in conflicts ranging from corporate mergers to ethnic wars in the Middle East; founder of the Abraham Path Initiative
  • A social anthropologist and teacher, he is the author of award-winning business books, including Getting to Yes, an eight million copy best seller
  • Co-founder of the International Negotiation Network with President Jimmy Carter, a non-governmental body seeking to end civil wars
  • Worked with U.S. and Soviet governments to create nuclear crisis centers—and has served as a third party mediator to avert civil wars in Indonesia and Venezuela

The Global Leadership Summit: William L. Ury

How to Effectively Persuade & Cajole

"Look for opportunities to act inconsistently with their perceptions. Perhaps the best way to change someone's perception is to send them a message different from what they expect."