Session 6 - Angustia Durante las Decisiones Difíciles
(Leading Through the Anguish of Tough Decisions)

Mario Vega

Senior Pastor,
Misión Cristiana Elim, El Salvador

  • Leader of one of the world's largest churches with 73,000 attendees, campuses throughout El Salvador, more than 7,000 cell groups and a staff of 92 pastors
  • Misión Cristiana Elim achieved exponential growth in the midst of civil war through the successful implementation of cell group strategies
  • Known for his humility, his passion for justice and for the rights of children
  • Contributing columnist for El Pais, El Diario de Hoy and Church Growth International Magazine

The Global Leadership Summit: Mario Vega

"When you have the humility to listen to the Bible it does more than enlighten us, it transforms us." @misionelim