First Breakout Session: Tuesday, May 15, 1:00pm – 2:15pm


Building Multiplier Habits

Heidi Brandow: Director, Global Learning & Development, Tesla
Liz Wiseman: President, The Wiseman Group, Best-selling Author;

In this workshop, we'll explore how to recognize accidental diminisher behavior and create new Multiplier leadership practices. We'll explore how habituating new behavior requires leaders to do more than just experiment with a new practice. Leaders must zoom out and see the entire chain, understanding why we do what we do, what triggers diminishing behavior and how to use those triggers as cues for Multiplier practices that deliver better results.


Ready. Aim. Hire.

Monty Kelso: President, Slingshot

With greater access to candidates via the internet and higher stakes than ever to hire right person—the first time—finding the right staff can be a daunting effort. After 10+ years of church staffing and placing nearly 1,000 people, Slingshot Group has discovered important steps you can take to implement a successful search regardless of the role.


Monty will walk through the points below while you apply them to your open position:

  • Principles for determining when to partner with an external firm
  • 5 criteria for attracting high-level leaders
  • Key issues to consider for each phase of the search process


Leveraging Assessments for Growth

Ginger Ward: Central Group Leader, Pastor Learning & Hospitality, Life.Church

Are assessments hard to understand? Are they easy to teach staff to use? Does it matter if we're a smaller church? believes that "personal growth is born out of self-awareness" and that's where assessments come in. During this breakout, you'll discover which assessments to use and when. You'll also discover how to integrate them into your church culture so you're a better steward of your church's mission inside and outside your walls.


Strategically Investing in Your Staff

Tara Vandersande: Staff Development Director, Willow Creek Community Church

Do you have enough leaders to fuel your church’s future needs? The answer will depend on how you strategically identify, develop and deploy your staff today.


During this session we'll discuss:

  • How to design a leadership development strategy
  • How to identify the growth potential of your staff
  • How to cultivate gifts and passion and combine with strategic and meaningful work experience
  • The four quadrants of development assessment: invest, value, time, and inquire

Second Breakout Session: Tuesday, May 15, 2:45pm – 4:00pm


A Thriving Church Partnership: How Strategy and Talent Work Together

Heather Larson: Executive Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church;
Colby Burke: Human Resources Director, Willow Creek Community Church

Everybody wants to be a part of a thriving church. Heather and Colby will discuss measuring the health of the church in terms of strategy and how to then align talent to meet those demands. Heather will share Willow's Thrive Dashboard and how she leverages collaboration to achieve ministry results. They will then discuss how HR works with the executive pastor to move the ministries forward so it releases God's vision for the church.


Selecting the Right Candidate

Chris Taylor: Managing Director, HR and Staff Development, Seacost Church

What's the best practice for selecting fantastic staff? The first step is to be crystal clear as to who you are and who you are not looking for. Next is to accurately assess that person by using Behavioral Interviewing. Learn what competency-based questions are and how to use them to spot high potential in candidates, while discerning their emotional and spiritual health.


An Innovative Approach to Onboarding—A Case Study

Chris Dolan: Director of Information Services; Redeemer Presbyterian Church;
Cherylin Smith: Human Resources Manager, Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Why would I need an on-boarding process? What are the pieces to a successful one? We have a smaller church, do we really need one? Chris and Cherylin will address those questions and others as they share their process for creating an online onboarding course. However, this process is transferable to any church, whether you want an online course or not. And it takes less time than you think (they completed theirs in just four months with only four hours per week). Churches who have an onboarding process, urge others to start as soon as possible…learn from their mistakes!


How Engagement Increases Church Impact

Al Lopus: President, Best Christian Workplaces Institute;
Jeff Lockyer: Lead Pastor, Southridge Community Church, Chairman, WCA Canada;
Donna Rogers-Okafor: Director of Human Resources, The Rock Church

What is "church staff engagement" and why is it important? You'll first take a short engagement survey for your team or church to assess how healthy it is. Then you'll be able to clarify a next step by hearing one of the church stories Al Lopus will uncover through his panel. Based on their stories, you'll be given time to not only identify where you think your church might be but also a possible next step toward a healthier culture.

Third Breakout Session: Wednesday, May 16, 11:00am – 12:15pm


A Theology of Multicultural Ministry & Leadership

Eugene Cho: Founding and Lead Pastor, Quest

Why should we pursue multicultural ministry? Is it just out of political correctness? And as leaders, why should we care when this kind of ministry can be so hard? Eugene will explore the answers to these questions while also exploring the theology that undergirds this issue. He'll then offer some practical ideas for creating a multicultural ministry in your own church.


Staffing: Getting Out of Crisis Mode

Colby Burke: Human Resources Director, Willow Creek Community Church

Colby will share about his experience with recruiting—a seemingly endless task—and how he needed to break that cycle. As he takes you on his staffing journey with Willow Creek, he will have you identify your own open (or potential open) positions that you want to recruit outstanding people for. He will then give you the opportunity to apply the model he shares with you to your own situation, so that you'll walk out with some recruiting next steps for that open position.


Developing Next Generation Leaders

Miles Welch: Pastor and Executive Director of Leadership Initiatives, 12Stone® Church

At 12Stone, Miles has developed an emerging leader initiative which has grown into a residency program. But, he'll be the first to tell you, developing emerging leaders starts with identifying and then recruiting them. If you don’t get this right, the rest of it will fail. Miles moves on to challenge us how to uniquely develop this next generation leader and then empower them. During this breakout, he'll challenge you to think about an emerging leader you could apply these principles to and then give you time to identify some next steps.


Addressing Performance Issues with Truth and Grace

Tara Vandersande: Staff Development Director, Willow Creek Community Church

Does the idea of having to confront or fire someone make you cringe? Or perhaps you’re a little too comfortable doing it? There is a way to identify, address and resolve performance issues that honors the person and the Lord.


In this session, you will discover:

  • The two crucial roles Christian leaders play in every organization
  • How to assess, address and resolve existing "fit concerns" without risking your culture
  • Proper course of action to take based on common disciplinary situations

Trending Now Topics: Wednesday, May 16, 1:15pm – 2:30pm

*You have a choice to either attend the Featured Trending Now Topic which is 75 minutes long or four topics in the Trending Now Speed Round.


IMPROVleadership: Creating a Culture People Won't Leave!

Stan Endicott: Founder and VP, Slingshot;
David Miller: Lead Associate: Coaching & Student Divisions, Slingshot

You have worked long and hard to place someone and then you watch them leave after just a year or even a few months. And it doesn't just happen once, it happens multiple times…what is causing it? How can you help shut that backdoor? The primary reason people leave is because of their manager. Are yours equipped to be the shepherd leader their team needs? Slingshot has developed a coaching program to help organizations retain the people they have worked so hard to add to their staff. In this breakout, you will actually experience two of the five skills Slingshot created to grow your managers into the leaders you'd like to work for!

Speed Round

Trending Now Speed Round

The Trending Now Speed Round will be set up at 10+ tables. During the 75 minutes, you will be able to choose 4 table topics since each round will be approximately 12 minutes long. If a table is filled, we encourage you to go to your second or third choice and then come back to that topic at a later round.



  • Emerging Leaders: Residency Program
  • StratOps for Churches
  • Online On-Boarding Demo
  • A New Cost-Saving Healthcare Model
  • Engagement Surveys
  • Search Engine Recruitment
  • Compensation Surveys
  • Recruitment Demo
  • Worker Classification: Employee or Independent Contractor?
  • Crisis Management
  • Financial and HR Audits
  • Compass: Health Care Concierge