What People Are Saying

“God has used the Willow Creek Association more than any other organization to impact my life as a leader and pastor.”

Craig Groeschel, LifeChurch.tv, Edmond OK


“Somebody invited me to a WCA conference a few years back…and I was blown away. Willow Creek gave me permission to go back and do things I dreamed about. One of the big advantages of being a part of the Association is being exposed to relevant curriculum and current ministry ideas.”

Andy Stanley, North Point Community Church, Alpharetta, GA


“We’ve spent more than a decade studying the behaviors of breakthrough service organizations. The Willow Creek Association stands at the top of every list we have compiled.”

Leonard Schlesinger, Sponsoring Harvard Professor of the Willow Creek Case Study


“Willow Creek is the cue ball of the contemporary church movement. Their innovative approach has broken the mold. The impact of these innovations on the church around the world is incalcuable.”

Bob Buford, Founder of Leadership Network


“This I know: When God brings down the final curtain on human history and the full story of the Church in the UK, the influence of Willow Creek will be mentioned and many gifted leaders will step forward to testify to the fact that the influence of Willow was what made the difference.”

Rev. Mike Hill, Bishop of Bristol, United Kingdom


“From all of my diverse leadership development experiences, I can categorically say that the annual Global Leadership Summit is the highest-quality and most influential leadership event that I have ever attended.

I have been to three GLS events and can honestly say that each one has had a profound impact on me, not only as a Christian in terms of the way I lead my life and the seriousness with which I take God’s vital calling on my life, but also as a senior leader in my organization. In my leadership, I have put into practice many new initiatives with my teams as a direct consequence of what I have learned and experienced at the GLS. Despite the overt faith-based messages throughout the GLS, I am convinced as to the relevance and significance of what speakers are conveying – for people and organizations, both Christian and secular.”

– Australia


“I received so much encouragement and wisdom through the Global Leadership Summit. I received the passion and vision for our future.”

– Tokyo, Japan
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